Tomco Tool, Inc.
203 S.Wittenberg Ave. Springfield,OH 45505  937.322.5768

About Us

Tomco Tool is capable of producing simple to complex gages including air and electronic gaging. We will build to your prints or design gages that are similar to existing gages.
Tomco Tool is capable of producing masters with +/-0.00025 mm (+/-.000010 in.) tolerance on size and geometry. We lap all gaging surfaces with a tolerance of +/-0.005 mm (+/-.0002 in.) and less which gives your company more wear life and a more consistent reading.
We are not a large company, which in many cases will work to your advantage. We can work closely with your special needs and time schedule. We have been in the gaging business since 1978 and employ eight full time employees.
As you work with us you will find that we build quality gages and masters.